The SHINE Awards–Great People, Great Dog

The Shine Awards were started by Mikey Jr., English Bulldog and philanthropist. They are called the Shine Awards because the winners all radiate kindness and love in the volunteer work that they do. Mikey Jr., wanted to recognize their service and thank them for making their community a better and more loving place. Thank you Mikey Jr., and all of the Shine Award winners.

(Mike Sr. & Mikey Jr. Seelig – Left Photo by Alan Niles)

2017 SHINE Award Winners

2016 SHINE Award Winners

2015 SHINE Award Winners

  • Kathy Perciful and Susan PatrickService to Humanity
  • Bulldog Haven NWService to Animals
    Bulldog Haven NW
  • Walden Woods ProjectService to the Environment

2014 SHINE Award Winners

2013 SHINE Award Winners

  • Joe MacGuganService to Animals
    Feline Friends
  • Jennifer Grant and Linda BondurantService to the Environment

2012 SHINE Award Winners

2011 SHINE Award Winners

2010 SHINE Award Winners

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