Hair Salon – Great Hair, Great People, Great Dog

Welcome to The Statement hair salon. We are called The Statement because we are located at 1718 State Ave NE, Olympia WA. We are locally owned since 1999. We offer a non-corporate experience at a non-corporate price.

We are an adult only facility with flexible hours Monday through Sunday by appointment only. Call us at 360-705-9124 or email us at and make today your best day.

–Teresa, Mike, and Mikey Jr., owners of The Statement.

P.S. –  We take Visa, Mastercard, Debit or cash; no checks.

Hair salon prices: Haircuts short hair $35, long hair $50, highlights short hair $65 to $90, highlights long hair $90 to $150. Color short hair $65 to $90, Color long hair $90 to $150 (Prices may vary if it is color correction).



Sorry, our practice is full and we are no longer accepting new clients.

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Teresa Seelig, Owner & Artist

Mikey Jr. & Mike Sr.

Mikey Jr., Philanthropist (2007-2018); Mike Sr., Owner & Artist

Shelby Seelig, Owner – “The Love Bug”


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