Welcome to The Statement Art Class

The Statement believes that there is a beautiful painting living inside every being waiting to come out. Our mission is to help you give birth to the amazing, powerful, creative genius that lives inside you!

Recipe for the successful gift artist that is in you!


  • One large mixing bowl;
  • Pour 11/2 cups unconditional love;
  • Next add 21/4 cups of intention;
  • 4oz of purpose;
  • 3 teaspoons of joy;
  • 1 pinch of laughter;
  • 4 drops of endless possibility.

Now go and create the masterpiece that is already marinating in your soul.

– T. Seelig
The Statement

Kathy on the Couch



  • Paper or canvas
  • Paints or crayons (painting was painted with acrylic paints)
  • Colors needed: yellow, blue, green, red, brown, and black with one
  • Medium sized paint brush


  • Draw a rounded upside down “V”
  • Add a rounded “L” shape to the upside down “V”
  • Add a large upside down “U” shape
  • Add another upside down “U” shape
  • Connect the upper upside down “U” with the lower upside down “U” with a rounded line
  • Add a “V” and upside down “C”
  • Draw another upside down “C” (this will create the head shape), now draw the backward “L” shape that will create the hand.
  • Now you will create the couch, (this is created by making a big “L” shape with two circles and for the legs of the couch make two upside down “U” shapes
  • Draw a large heart shape around Katy on the Couch, then draw an upside down “U” shape around the heart leaving about an inch space around each additional “U” shape. Next add circles inside the circles and line designs
  • Add more designs by adding “X” shapes and “L” shapes
  • Now you are ready to color in the shapes by using acrylic paints or crayons

Now we are ready to paint

  • Paint or crayon using yellow where the yellow areas are
  • Next add blue into the blue areas
  • Add red into the red areas
  • Add green into the green areas
  • Add more red into the corner
  • Add brown into the brown areas
  • Add black into the black areas
  • Outline in yellow Kathy on the Couch
  • Now your masterpiece is done – great job

How to Paint “Sunset in the San Juans”

Supplies (use nontoxic acrylic paint);

  • One blank canvas
  • One tube red paint
  • One tube orange paint
  • One tube yellow paint
  • One tube light green paint
  • One tube light blue paint
  • Step 1 start with a blank canvas

Now we are ready to paint

  • Smear orange nontoxic acrylic paint on the upper half of the canvas then smear nontoxic acrylic light green on the lower half of the canvas (I use my fingers however you can use a paint brush if you choose).
  • Then add light blue on the lower half and smear in the green;
  • Add a red circle in the top half of the picture;
  • Optional; take the yellow paint insert in middle of canvas and smear upwards and downwards just in the middle of the canvas;
  • Congratulations your master piece is complete!

If you have any questions or comments, contact us.